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We are looking for people to share their lived experience of antibiotics as part of our contribution to raising awareness of the growing problem of antibiotic resistance.

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I lived in Edinburgh and was expecting a baby. I was asked to go into hospital 5 weeks before she was due and unfortunately was put in a double room to share with another expectant mum who had a very bad cold, which of course I caught. Hospitals can be very noisy places, so I was relieved to be whisked off to the isolation ward to avoid anyone else catching it. It developed into a bad chest infection so ampicillin (derived from penicillin) was prescribed. By the time a darling little girl had been delivered, I was grateful my infection had been cleared up by the antibiotic – just as well, as for a baby to start life with a cold is not good news. However I had developed a fine, pink rash as unbeknown to me, I was allergic to ampicillin. By the time I went home with my new daughter, everyone said I looked very well. That was thanks to the healthy pink colour of my rash!