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The scientific context of “Antibiotics under our feet” is our need for new strategies and molecules to be used as antimicrobial drugs due to the growing antibiotic crisis.

Starting with action at the local school community level, a valuable contribution to tackling this global concern can be made. As Professional Values and Learning for Sustainability are core aspects of the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s Professional Standards, this project gives participating teachers an opportunity to engage with the Professional Standards to further their Professional Learning.

The project has set short- and medium-term impacts linked to understanding and knowledge of antibiotic action on bacteria, the prevalence of soil bacteria, chemicals produced by these bacteria in antibiotic discovery and how DNA helps us identify microbes. Longer term, the project aims to equip members of the school community with an understanding of why antibiotics need to be used carefully and experience of thinking and working like scientific researchers. The project’s Curriculum for Excellence mapped learning activities with background material for teachers are linked to these outcomes.

Key current Professional Standards identified as relevant to the project are available as a download. Look through the table to find the standards relevant to different career stages:

  • The Professional Standards applicable to all teachers are from Social Justice and Trust and Respect within Professional Values.
  • Other Professional Standards that may be of interested to teachers at specific levels (Student to Headteacher) are also suggested.

Teacher Professional Learning resource is available for free download

Full details from the GTCS on its Professional Standards and Learning for Sustainability and its integral role in Professional Standards can be found in the links below.

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