About us

“Antibiotics under our feet” aims to raise science capital in the P5-7 age group and their teachers through co-ownership of a citizen science project seeking new chemical compounds from soil microbes to treat drug resistant infections.

The science capital hold-all [image credit: Enterprising Science ucl.ac.uk/ioe-sciencecapital]
You can imagine your science capital as a bag that you bring along with you in life. Into your science capital bag goes what you know about science, what you think about science, what you do with science and who you know in science.

Our project collects soil samples with schools. DNA is extracted from the soil samples and sent for next generation sequencing to identify the bacteria present.

Learning resources and activities on these topics mapped to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence will be available along with guidance for teachers on using this project to engage with the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s Professional Standards.

Explore the scientific findings from schools’ participation in the pilot study for this project through the links to the interactive map.

The project is funded by a ScotPEN Wellcome Trust Award to Clarissa Melo Czekster.

For project enquiries, please contact the Public Engagement Officer, Rebecca Cornwell: rc579@st-andrews.ac.uk