Welcome to our project

“Antibiotics under our feet” aims to raise science capital in the P5-7 (upper primary) age group and their teachers through co-ownership of a citizen science soil project. The project is based at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.

What is under our feet?

We need new molecules to be used as antimicrobial medicines due to the growing global antibiotic crisis.
Help us build an interactive map of the microbiome in our soil.

Want to borrow our kit boxes?

Scan the QR code or click here to go to the STEM Ambassadors Scotland Resource Hub

Microorganism of the day

St Andrews University Public Engagement presents microbe marvels

What do we do with your soil samples?

Videos made by the St Andrews University iGEM team premiered at the Explorathon Global Science Show!

Pilot Study

Pupils from Greyfriars and Thornton Primary Schools in Fife took part in our pilot study

Science Discovery Day

Emmajay is one of our researchers. Discover how she uses microbes to find new anti-cancer drugs.

Getting Better Together Shotts Podcast

Rebecca was invited to join the GBT Shotts Science Club.

You asked, we answered

Learners asked us about bacteria, viruses and more. Watch Januka and other researchers answer on our YouTube channel.

Make a microbe

Work experience student Eilidh teaches us about bacteria

#SmashingStereotypes for British Science Week

Meet our inspiring team: find out about diversity and careers in STEM

Latest scientific results

Results from our first batch of DNA sequencing are here!

Cartoon to illustrate concept of science capital

Raising science capital

What is science capital? How can we help you and your learners?

Teacher professional learning

Our project helps teachers engage with the GTC Scotland Professional Standards

Our learning materials

Our CfE linked interdisciplinary resources aim to give learners the chance to work like scientists.