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Meet the Microbes Meet the Microbes

e-Bug Virtual Science Show e-Bug Virtual Science Show

Microbiology Society Education and Outreach Resources Microbiology Society Resources

Become an Antibiotic Guardian Antibiotic Guardian

Small World Initiative (Antibiotic Discovery) Small World Initiative

Microbial Biorealm (useful names and pictures of bacteria) Microbial Biorealm

The James Hutton Institute’s Dirt Doctor (find out about soils) Dirt Doctor

Scotland’s Soils (data and information on our soils) Scotland’s soils

National Soils Archive (Scotland) National Soils Archive

British Society of Soil Scientists’ Young Soil Explorers Young Soil Explorers

Teachers (for Professional Development)

Science Capital Resources Science Capital Research at University College London

The General Teaching Council for Scotland:
Learning for Sustainability Microsite

Engaging with Professional Standards (Learning for Sustainability) Professional Standards – Learning for Sustainability

Professional Standards (current)

Revised Professional Standards (2021)

Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) Developing the Young Workforce